By Christopher D. West

Door to door selling can be a very challenging approach to sales. But very rewarding if you have the knack for it. You can make loads of cash if you’ve got the right product or service to market, and you’ve got the right attitude and approach. Check out these tips to help you succeed in your door to door sales.

1. Be spontaneous. This is without a doubt the key to being able to get the attention of your prospect and keep it. Being able to adapt and tailor your presentation to the customers particular situation is going to be your greatest asset. Make sure to let your situation guide your response so that you don’t sound like you’re just saying things by rote.

2. Entertain. Your next more important task is to make sure your potential prospect is enjoying themselves. Otherwise, they will simply shut the door in your face! Get their attention by being spontaneous, and keep your customers attention by making it fun to continue talking to you. Find some common ground, crack some jokes and make sure you’re acting the part. Don’t hide who you are, in fact, let it out so it’s right out there in their face!

3. Create urgency. Door to door sales most often need to be getting a commitment on the spot. The key to this is making sure that this is a limited time offer that has only one way to get it: With you, right now! Create urgency by being in a hurry, and also by letting them know that the offer is only available from this sales channel. Also, let the client know how good it is, then take it away to let them know what they’re missing out on.

4. Target the emotional triggers. Most products have some way of reducing the pain or solving a problem in some one’s life. Use this to help you get motivation towards the sale.

5. Qualify, qualify, qualify! Asking the right questions up front is more and more important to save you time. Ask the questions that others will not. This way you’ll cut to the chase, and get onto more clients who are likely to buy. There really is no point in talking to someone if they’re not in a position to purchase the product. It’s a numbers game in a lot of ways, so get out there and talk to prospects who can make you money!

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