By Carl Davidson

One great thing about door to door sales is that there are lots of doors out there waiting to be knocked. In fact, there are so many doors available to knock on in every market that many door to door sales people do not bother to work the best areas and that can cost you door to door sales and make your door to door sales job a lot tougher.

Some door to door sales people pick neighborhoods by gut feel. They knock a few doors here, drive over there and try and zig zag their way across huge populations. Here are some tips for squeezing the most profit out of the right neighborhoods in door to door sales.

Pick The Most Likely Neighborhood For Success

It is a mistake to pick a neighborhood by anything except demographics. Who is likely to live there? Are they your typical customer? For example, if you sell pre-need burial services, you are more likely to do well in a neighborhood with lots of elderly people. If you sell college scholarship plans, or backyard play sets, you will do better in a neighborhood with lots of young children. You can get good information on demographics on line from real estate sites and from the government census sites. You can also get it by observing the neighborhood. If you decide to observe, do so at different times of day. Many neighborhoods look quite different at 10:00 AM than they do at 6:00 PM.

Keep Track And Go Back

Unless you are new, never work a neighborhood blind. Keep track of which addresses you called on, which had no answer, which were open to talk and which were rude or hostile. Go back a few times and different times of day and maybe on weekends and see if any who weren’t home on previous visits are home now. This prevents wasting good demographic addresses by only calling once. It also makes it easier for you to call back the people who needed to think it over or check with a spouse.

Work Where You Have Other Door To Door Sales

You will always do better in an area where you have sold others. Always have a good reason for knocking such as, “I was down the street at your neighbors Frank and Judith at 3405 and I noticed….” Dropping names and addresses as well as having a reason why you are knocking will increase your chance of acceptance greatly and will increase your door to door sales dramatically. If you have had sales in an area you have names to drop and reasons why you are in the neighborhood. These are very important in lowering buyer resistance and in getting in the door.

Vary Your Times

Most people work regular hours. That means if you are always knocking at the same time, you will always miss the same people. We recommend you keep track of the times you were in the neighborhood and vary them. If you were there in the morning last time, try working it in the afternoon. If you were there on a weekday, try a weekend.

Ask For Referrals

Always ask if they know any other residents who they think might be interested. Many door to door sales people assume you can only ask for referrals from people who buy. That is not true. Make a habit of always asking. Even if only one person per day gives you a referral it will increase your odds of success. It only takes a second to ask and they often will tell you a neighbor who might be a good prospect. When you knock on the neighbor’s door, you have a good chance of getting in with the referral.

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